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Our Story

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Founded in 2021 by Keta, KMELZ BEAUTY came into existence behind a testimony. I myself have scalp irritations, such as intense itching and dandruff. I also had thinning edges and struggled to grow back the thickness of my hair follicles. I love my protective hair styles from braids, quick weaves to crochet & even sew-in hairstyles. Over time the tension began to pull out my edges. I became frustrated and decided to cut my hair as an attempt to grow my hair back healthier. I love my short hair, but I didn't like having a flaky scalp. The good thing is that my shaved sides hid my thinning edges, however it was only a band aid. Also, with my dry itchy scalp, sometimes my styles wouldn't last without showing the flakes in my hair. That is definitely not appealing, and who wants to wash their hair out within a week of getting it done. So when COVID first affected our nation, I used my time during quarantine to cater to my hair. Since using this product, my edges are growing back and my hair is thicker and moisturized. I felt that it was necessary to share, as I want others to discover this remedy and use it for their benefit.

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